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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Maintaining control of finances may ease strain of Texas divorce

Finances can be a trigger for turning an amicable Texas divorce into a bitter one. If asked today, it is likely that one of the main things women wish they had handled differently during marriage would be finances. This includes being aware of how much money is earned by their spouses including bonuses, commissions, stock options or other funds. Many divorcing women may also regret not maintaining some type of control over their own funds, such as keeping a separate bank account that only they can access. Making plans to ensure financial stability could be an instrumental step in recovering after a Texas divorce.

Texas divorce: Don't settle for less than you deserve

The dissolution of a marriage may not coincide with someone's current emotional state. As with any major life change, a Texas divorce can be a painful process. Although emotions may be fragile, it could be helpful to focus on that fact that divorce is a legal process, and marital assets should be divided in a way fair to all. Avoiding some common blunders could help achieve a comprehensive settlement.

Close joint accounts when involved in a Texas divorce

Going through a divorce can be difficult for everyone. Many emotions are involved in the process. When children are involved, it can ratchet up the tensions, especially if there is a dispute over child custody. Furthermore, one of the major fallouts from a Texas divorce could be the financial impact for both spouses.

Texas child custody: Man fighting for son after mother's death

Texas child custody battles can result for numerous reasons. Whether the parents are married or separated, when children are involved, things can often get complicated. One man, devastated by the loss of his girlfriend, is now embroiled in a child custody battle after his son was taken from him by child welfare authorities.

Texas child support: Woman fights over 20 years later for support

Texas parents in the midst of a child support battle may struggle to make ends meet. Legal assistance is available for people in this situation, but collecting may not always be easy. Recently, a woman has come forward to accuse a former politician of owing her a huge amount of child support money.