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Texas divorce can raise tough questions for kids

Sunday, September 24, 2017

It's widely understood that a separation can be difficult on every member of a family. However, Texas divorce can be especially challenging for children to understand and accept. It can be helpful to remember that children are often seeking affirmation that they are loved and not at fault, rather than information about the divorce process. Of course, keeping that process as quick and painless as possible can help make the process easier on everyone involved.

There are several common questions children in divorce situations tend to ask. The most common of these is "why" -- often the child will ask why parents are splitting up. While it may not be appropriate to discuss the reasons for the separation with children, it can be valuable to remind them that both parents still love them, even if they are changing the arrangement between them. Children will often assume they are somehow at fault for the separation, so reassuring them they are not can go a long way toward easing their minds. 

One of the most vital questions a child might ask is where they will live. This is an extremely important conversation for the separating parties to have between them beforehand, as child custody will play a major role in their divorce agreement. Involving your children in that process is a personal decision -- however, listening to their desires can make them feel as though they are still important.

No parent wants their child to suffer ill effects from a separation. Filing and completing your Texas divorce quickly and efficiently can help smooth the road to new lives for all involved. Seeking support in ensuring everything is in order can be beneficial.

Source: Huffington Post, "Children Of Divorce: How To Answer Their Three Most Important Questions," Bridget Mallon, July 6, 2013