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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Texas divorce influenced by social media?

It's easy to forget in a world dominated by social media platforms that not everything posted on the Internet is private. In fact, according to some sources, anything posted on websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be accessed with little to no effort. Texas divorce cases can be profoundly influenced by just a single misplaced post, so experts are urging caution and discretion when posting online during a divorce.

Texas divorce can be financially challenging for both spouses

Obviously the most prevalent cost associated with divorce is an emotional one, but that does not preclude the other costs separation can accrue. In Texas divorce can be financially burdensome for both parties involved. It can be helpful to understand these challenges ahead of time and work to offset them in an amicable way in order to help the proceedings move along effectively.

Child custody rights afforded to rapists in many states

Parentage is difficult enough to broach in a divorce situation when both parents were willing participants in the conception of a child. However, in cases like the recent Ariel Castro trial, which many Texas residents have followed, child custody can be argued on the part of a rapist who sired a child with a victim. At present, thirty-one states do not have legislation in place designed to keep a rapist from claiming parentage of a child borne of the crime.

Child custody agreements pivotal for child development

Since 1960, statistics say the number of children who are products of a broken home have doubled. This makes child custody an extremely important factor in divorce proceedings both here in Texas and elsewhere throughout the nation. The connection between a solid and functional child custody arrangement and the overall well-being of the children in question, some experts contend, is undeniable.