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Child support payments being shouldered by women

Sunday, September 24, 2017

There is no doubt that the American workplace has a long way to go before true equality between the sexes is achieved, but there is also no doubt that times are changing. More and more, here in Texas and elsewhere, women are beginning to earn as much as, or more than, their male counterparts. When it comes to divorce, this can mean a shift in responsibility for child support payments.

A poll conducted last year revealed that approximately 40 percent of all households in America now rely on the matriarch as the primary breadwinner. This means mom is bringing home more money, while the responsibilities of many dads are beginning to transition more towards traditional maternal roles, including child rearing. The implications for divorce settlements can be profound from this standpoint.

While this differs from state to state, generally speaking, courts will determine child support responsibilities based on the earnings of both parties. The individual who earns more, pays more. Frequently, this individual is the woman. However, the final decision is up to the court, so it is a good idea for both men and women to enter divorce proceedings with a full understanding of how child support works where they live to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Divorce is often a complicated process for everyone involved, and these complications are only magnified by child support issues when kids are involved. Texas residents may benefit from taking advantage of support and services designed to help both men and women prepare for divorce through education and pre-planning. This can help smooth the process for both individuals and, more importantly, for their children.

Source: commdiginews.com, "More women paying child support, spousal support", Myra Fleischer, May 27, 2014

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