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Some divorce issues may be mitigated by collaborative divorce

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Divorce can be a complicated process to understand and in which to take part. Some Texas residents have a strong understanding of the divorce issues which can come into play and make a tough situation even harder – finances, child custody and other factors can turn spouses into enemies by the end of a divorce trial. This is perhaps why some individuals have opted for the comparatively modern "collaborative divorce" model, meant to mitigate some of these issues and smooth the road for everyone involved. 

The concept behind collaborative divorce is, in essence, to avoid the courts. This is not to say that collaborative divorce does not have a legal element – both spouses retain their own counsel as usual. However, the collaborative model incorporates the services of a financial adviser, as well as a mental health professional, to help address the two major sources of conflict in divorce cases. As money and emotional investment comprise most of these problems, these professionals are on hand to help mitigate them. 

Quite often, the duration of a divorce relates directly to the fiscal cost borne by both spouses. Collaborative divorce aims to shorten the process by helping both individuals work toward their common and individual goals. While it is certainly not a fail-safe road to a "perfect" divorce, it represents another option for a couple seeking to end a marriage. 

Divorce is not an easy process, generally speaking. However, Texas residents have many options available to them to help mitigate divorce issues in the midst of a separation. A solid understanding of these options can help both parties come to a mutually-beneficial decision on how to proceed. 

Source: CNBC, "How to avoid a nasty and costly divorce war", Constance Gustke, Feb. 26, 2015

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