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Late-life divorce issues unique to older people

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Since the mid-2000s, divorce rates in the United States have begun to decline in all but a single demographic. The rise of the so-called gray divorce has seen individuals over 50 ending their marriages with more frequency than any other group. Texas residents can imagine that divorce issues for this demographic may differ from those experienced by younger couples. 

The most predominant of these is the reasoning behind ending the marriage. As life expectancies continue to grow for both men and women, older couples are looking forward to years and even decades of life after retirement. For many people, this signifies a good reason to end a marriage that has been on the rocks, as few wish to spend their golden years unhappy. 

In addition, women of this age group are more financially stable and independent than women who have come before them. They are not dependent upon a husband to see them through their retirement years on a shared pension, and so the need to stay in a marriage is less prevalent. While the division of marital assets can be more complicated for a couple with decades of marriage behind them, it also means there are typically more assets to divide, providing stability to both spouses post-divorce. 

Of course, the end of any marriage brings with it unique divorce issues, and this is as true of gray divorce as of any other. However, Texas residents who wish to end their marriages have a great deal of support and information available to them to help facilitate this process. By seeking out the support of trained professionals, they can ensure even a late-life divorce goes as smoothly and efficaciously as possible. 

Source: wrvo.org, "Divorce later in life becoming more common", May 7, 2016

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