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In child custody battles, parents may resort to unfair tactics

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Parental alienation happens when one parent turns a child against the other parent. This often occurs in a divorce when one parent is unwilling to give up even part of child custody. That parent may brainwash the child against the co-parent even if the co-parent previously had a good relationship with the child. Any parent in Texas who has experienced this kind of alienation understands the heartbreak and the long lasting consequences.

A child may display parental alienation by suddenly refusing to go with a parent for visitation or by acting out when with that parent. This could mean behaving aggressively toward the parent, disobeying without justification or completely ignoring the parent. Alienation occurs in nearly 80 percent of highly contested custody cases, and some say the number is rising.

Some countries take parental alienation so seriously that they consider it a criminal act worthy of jail time. Child advocates say that parents who use this method to place their own desires above the well-being of their children are committing psychological abuse. Some feel the damage done to the child -- as well as the child's relationship with his or her parents -- may last a lifetime.

Family law attorneys are familiar with the tactics some parents use to win the upper hand in a child custody battle. Many have seen up close the harm done to families when one parent uses the children against the other. People in Texas who see signs of parental alienation in their children would do well to contact their attorneys for advice on how to deal with this unfair manipulation.

Source: parentherald.com, "Parental Alienation Latest News & Updates: Why Parental Alienation Is Considered As A Form Of Psychological Abuse And A Criminal Offense", Kristine Walker, July 22, 2016

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