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Marriage may need a family law attorney if it shows these signs

Friday, September 22, 2017

It is not uncommon for spouses to argue. Most Texas marriages go through rough patches, and working through those difficult times can lead to a much richer relationship. However, family law attorneys who daily encounter couples seeking divorce may see signs that indicate when a marriage is beyond saving. These signs often go deeper than just having an argument.

In fact, some feel that couples who never argue are more likely to fail. Bickering releases tension and allows couples to say what they are thinking instead of holding it inside until it turns into resentment. When an argument routinely ends in the silent treatment, the couple may have serious issues.

Individuals may also have different ways of expressing love, such as buying gifts, helping around the house, or showing physical affection. If the other partner does not appreciate his or her spouse's love language, it may lead to deeper miscommunication. Showing a lack of respect in other ways, such as belittling or eye rolling, is another sign that the marriage may be in trouble.

Other indicators of marital discord include giving preference to work over family and being dishonest about spending and other financial issues. These indicate that the couple does not share common goals. Couples who have a plan for their future together will negotiate these sensitive issues and come to an agreement about how to earn and spend their money.

Texas couples recognizing these signs in their marriage may conclude that staying married is not in their best interests. Although it is a difficult decision to make, it may be the first step toward a new life free from these stressors and frustrations. Many people find that having a family law attorney guiding them and answering their questions from the very beginning makes the process a little less difficult.

Source: The Huffington Post, "8 Signs A Marriage Won't Last, According To Divorce Lawyers", Brittany Wong, June 30, 2016

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