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Apps simplify child custody when relationships are strained

Monday, September 25, 2017

Divorced parents in Texas may dread interactions with former spouses. However, if there are children involved, this cannot be avoided. Child custody often involves sharing information and updating one another about schedules, school concerns and health issues. Fortunately, technology is keeping up with the need for stress-free communication between co-parents and even step parents. There are numerous apps available to assist families in communicating effectively.

Some apps simplify custody schedules by posting calendars that display pick up and drop off times. Lists of special items needed, such as swimming gear or allergy medicine, can be posted to avoid misunderstandings. Parents can also electronically negotiate exchanges if conflicts arise, avoiding opportunity for the request to escalate into an argument. Some apps provide protected space for vital information such as medical records, allergies and emergency phone numbers.

One may also choose an app that allows a parent to securely transfer child support payments directly into the custodial parent's account. Smarter apps actually monitor the tone of one's correspondence, rating it from neutral to antagonistic. This allows the parent to rethink a message and adjust the tone before sending it so as to avoid stirring up emotions which could further damage the relationship.

If contact with a former spouse stirs up resentment and animosity, it may end up affecting the children in many negative ways. Having channels of communication that avoid direct contact may benefit the family dynamic. However, when Texas parents feel that -- even with the help of an app -- a co-parent is not abiding by the child custody agreement, they often seek advice from their attorneys on how to correct the situation.

Source: The Huffington Post, "A Must Have App To Co-Parent With Ease", Lisa Brick, Aug. 30, 2016

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