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December 2016 Archives

Friday, September 22, 2017

Texas parents with late child support denied registration renewal

The state of Texas is demonstrating its determination to hold non-custodial parents accountable for court-ordered support. A new program instituted by the Attorney General's office requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to deny renewals for any vehicle registered to a parent who is behind in child support payments for six months or more. The objective of the program is to bring parents into compliance with court orders and to make sure children receive the money they are due.

Good preparation may help dealing with divorce issues

Some people in Texas take months or years planning a wedding. They may spend a similar amount of time planning a vacation or a move to a new home. Planning a divorce may not be something they ever imagined themselves doing. Nevertheless, the most common divorce issues often involve finances, and planning is always helpful when it comes to money.

Supreme Court to consider military divorce and disability pay

Texas couples in the military are no strangers to marital trouble. Like any civilian divorce, a military divorce often centers around the division of assets. Something that is not up for dispute, however, is the pension a servicemember receives at retirement. The Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA) requires that the pension be divided equally with a civilian spouse after they divorce.

Fathers' rights of dad violated after false accusations

For many unmarried dads in Texas, the end of a relationship may bring the heartache of separation from their children. Even when custody rulings are handed down, they may have to fight for their fathers' rights. This may be especially true when mental illness is a factor. One dad in another state battled for two years for custody of his daughter while the agencies he hoped would help him seemed to work against him.