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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Child support system needs to change

Parents in Texas and elsewhere around the country understand while money is necessary to provide financially for their children, it is not the only thing they need to provide. Love, encouragement and understanding are just a few of the ways parents can support their children. When parents are getting a divorce, this emotional support is vital. However, some researchers believe that decisions in most divorces all come down to money. They cite the policies for child support and child custody to validate their claims.

Program to reduce delinquent child support payments a success

Many divorces in Texas involving children often include provision for financial assistance for the children after a marriage has ended. However, residents frequently reported that their ex-spouses repeatedly failed to make required child support payments. Last September, the state of Texas took action to remedy this situation. Anyone who failed to make child support payments in the previous six months could not renew his or her vehicle registration.

Texas parents with late child support denied registration renewal

The state of Texas is demonstrating its determination to hold non-custodial parents accountable for court-ordered support. A new program instituted by the Attorney General's office requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to deny renewals for any vehicle registered to a parent who is behind in child support payments for six months or more. The objective of the program is to bring parents into compliance with court orders and to make sure children receive the money they are due.

Child support amended for exceptionally talented girl

Parents in Texas and beyond often swell with pride when others recognize their exceptional children. Recently, a judge in another state met a 13-year-old aspiring actress and was captivated by her poise and charm. He interviewed the girl as part of a child support hearing, and the interview helped him arrive at a surprising decision. In fact, his subsequent ruling changed the parents' child support orders, which had been in place for seven years.

Evading child support obligations lands dozens in jail

Parents have a duty to take care of their children even after divorce. As such, court ordered child support payments are not optional. They are carefully calculated to provide children with resources for their basic needs. When a parent does not meet his or her child support obligations, he or she may face serious consequences. Recently, authorities in one Texas county initiated a week-long search to track down parents who owed support.

Man arrested for owing $139,000 in child support

Courts do not relish sending parents to jail. In fact, when it comes to failure to pay child support, the state of Texas may provide many opportunities for a parent to catch up and fulfill his or her responsibilities. In most cases, serving time behind bars is a last resort for parents who refuse to pay what the court has ordered. One man in another state is now serving time after falling behind on his obligation.

Performing artist DMX arrested before show on child support issue

A concert that was recently scheduled to take place in a venue far east of Texas came to an abrupt halt before it even began. The Master of Ceremonies, DMX, was arrested outside the building just before the show was about to start. The reason for the arrest reportedly involved a child support issue.

Wrongly accused Texas man sought for child support payments

After being wrongfully accused and imprisoned for a series of rapes he did not commit, one Texas man has finally won his freedom. However, he is still plagued by legal troubles even outside the walls of the Texas prison where he spent the better part of two decades. His former wife is suing him for child support after he received a sizeable settlement from the federal government.

Basketball star refuses to pay additional child support

When it comes to child support, many separated parents might find themselves asking the question "how much is too much". For famed basketball player Steve Nash, who is refusing to pay the child support demanded by his estranged wife, the answer is problematic. Texas basketball fans may already be aware of Nash's much-publicized child support battle with former spouse Alejandra Amarilla, which has been ongoing for over a year.