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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Is an ex-spouse hiding money in a Texas divorce?

When marriages come to an end, most people anticipate that it will be an emotional transition for them. However, many don't consider the impact a Texas divorce will have on their finances until later in the process. It is imperative for someone going through a divorce to protect his or her financial position, particularly if retirement age is approaching.

Division of property issues: Inheritance and debt

When a couple starts divorce proceedings in Texas or elsewhere around the country, finances are frequently the most contested issue. Division of property is of concern to all parties involved and can be a very complicated process. Financial advisors offer suggestions regarding possible actions to take while a couple is still together that can possibly prevent future disputes should a divorce occur.

Financial considerations for older women getting Texas divorce

Many women who choose to end their marriages later in life often find themselves unprepared for the changes in their financial situations. According to a survey by a retirement investment company, the majority of women responded that they experienced financial difficulties when going through a Texas divorce or one elsewhere in the country. Experts stress the importance of women being involved in the economics of a divorce.

Don't make these mistakes in a Texas divorce

The decision to end one's marriage is one that is never taken lightly. There are many factors to consider in a Texas divorce. While often a highly emotional time, many decisions must be made that can affect someone's life for many years. Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly consider the financial implications of a divorce. Experts have noted mistakes that are often made by those going through divorce proceedings.

Texas divorce: reverse mortgages popular among older couples

Couples aged 50 and over are deciding to end their marriages faster than any other age group, according to a research organization specializing in demographic trends. Since 1990, the number of older people getting a Texas divorce or elsewhere in the country has doubled. For those over 65, the divorce rate has tripled during that time frame. Because of this trend, many experts have weighed in on how to help protect the financial situations of those entering their retirement years.

How to protect a business in a Texas divorce

No one enters a marriage initially thinking that it may end some day in the future. However, a business owner would be wise to take steps to protect his or her interests, should a Texas divorce occur later. It is important to note that if a spouse has participated in the business operations in any way, that spouse may have a stake in the business. Those who leave the workforce to care for children may also claim a stake in the business. To keep the rightful portion of a business, many seek legal protection.

Prenups may help avoid headaches in a Texas divorce

Romance is not typically the first word that comes to mind when someone mentions a prenuptial agreement. In fact, it was once argued that prenups could even encourage divorce. For a period of time, such agreements were not acknowledged in the nation's courts. However, reports suggest that 40 to 50 percent of all marriages in Texas and around the country end in divorce. Given that statistic, a prenup could be a helpful document that could benefit both spouses should they subsequently decide to start Texas divorce proceedings.

Texas divorce: Issues when high assets are involved

When most couples around the country decide to end a marriage, the discussion of finances is often one of the more complicated issues addressed. When the couple is wealthy, the discussions are likely to be more contentious in a Texas divorce. Several cases in another state highlight the complex issues that arise in a high asset divorce.

More baby boomers are getting a Texas divorce

According to a national research organization, couples over 50 years old are deciding to end their marriages more than ever before. For these so-called baby boomers, the divorce rate in the past 25 years has doubled. On the other hand, the rate for those aged 25 to 39 has decreased 21 percent. Researchers are uncertain about the reason for these Texas divorce and national divorce trends.

How credit card debt affects Texas divorce proceedings.

Credit cards are commonly used in Texas and throughout the country. Married couples frequently have joint credit card accounts, and both spouses utilize the cards and make payments as required. Of course, not all marriages last forever and some may end in divorce. A recent article addressed how Texas divorce proceedings can affect the couple's credit card debt.