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New push in Texas to curtail problem of distracted driving

Texas readers know that distracted driving continues to be an issue that both frustrates authorities and poses a threat to the health and safety of all drivers. Distraction greatly decreases a driver’s ability to pay attention to the road while greatly increasing the chance of an accident. Despite knowing the dangers of driving while distracted, many people still do it.

This specific issue is a growing concern, and Texas authorities are launching a campaign to hopefully fight against distracted driving. Launched by the Texas Department of Transportation, the purpose is to decrease the number of distraction-related crashes.

Fighting a growing problem

You are likely aware of how significant a problem distracted driving is in Texas. Consider the following facts about this problem according to the new Heads Up campaign:

  • Studies reveal that the texting, taking or viewing photos, playing music, and engaging on social media are some of the most common ways people use their phones while driving.
  • A significant number of Texas drivers admit to using their phones while also operating a vehicle.
  • Over the last three years, statistics indicate that as many as one in five crashes are the result of some form of distraction.
  • A significant number of distracted driving crashes result in serious injury or death.

Most people are well aware of the dangers of this type of behavior, yet many people still choose to drive while distracted every day. If you suffered because of another driver’s choice to operate a vehicle while acting negligently or recklessly, you have options.

You may feel hopeless and overwhelmed by your situation, but there are ways you can protect your interests and fight back against distracted driving. One thing you can do is take the appropriate legal measures, such as filing a civil claim against the liable driver.

The recovery you deserve

The aftermath of a car accident is overwhelming, but you may find it beneficial to seek experienced guidance as you navigate your situation. With help, you can walk through the civil claims process, fighting for the compensation you need and deserve.

A distracted driving accident could leave you with significant injuries, but there are options available to you. Despite awareness campaigns and other efforts to curtail this problem, distracted driving is not going away. You do not have to suffer from the negligence of others alone. You can take immediate action to protect yourself and pursue the appropriate amount of recompense you need for a full and fair recovery.

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