Christmas Visits

When Christmas comes you may be a parent who is divorced.  You may be sharing your children with your former spouse. Your divorce decree should contain provisions setting out times and dates you will have access to and possession of your children during the holiday season.

MAKE SURE you have your dates and times clearly set out and confirm those dates and times with the other parent.  You can modify the decree terms that provide for the access and possession, but it is wise to put those changes into writing that you and the other spouse agree upon.

DO NOT place your child between you and the other spouse in any dispute over the dates and times of upcoming holiday visits.  Your child will not remember the holiday with joy, but will, instead, have dark memories of the ruined holiday.

Family judges are always primed to expect last minute emergency hearings that address how the holiday visits will take place.  These judges are wise and well experienced but they cannot heal the emotional harm that has been inflicted on the children.

If you sense that there is going to be a problem with the holiday visit see an experienced divorce or family lawyer to seek help to avoid any clash that can ruin the holiday for the child.

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