Family Law and COVID-19

How does our law firm deal with social distancing, “stay-at-home” orders, isolation and the collective fear of being exposed to Covid-19?  Here is what we are doing:

  1. We provide ready access to us for call-in consultations.  Call us at 915-593-6600 and 915-256-0579, including after regular office hours. 
  2. We manage many of our cases long-distance with clients all over the world. 
  3. The courts allow us to E-File our pleadings. 
  4. We aggressively use Scans and Faxes to receive documents from, and to send documents to,  clients and opposing counsel. 
  5. The Courts are refining the use of video conferencing. 
  6. Even with the current government directives we are providing consultations, drafting pleadings, filing documents with the court and moving our clients’ cases along the litigation pathway. 
  7. We are using these technologies for paternity, divorce, custody, child support and modification cases.
  8. As an El Paso Divorce and Family Lawyer I have handled nearly 4,000 cases, especially for military families and Spanish-speaking clients. 
  9. We are Open for Business.  We qualify as an essential service so we can even see clients in-office if clients need to come to the office. We follow strict rules for masks, gloves as needed and hand-sanitizers.  We also space ourselves properly in the office when seeing clients. 

If you feel sick or have a fever STAY HOME!  Call us from home if you need to reach us. 

            Our community is going to beat this New Coronavirus!