Update on the Pandemic

Our law firm has been dealing with the rigors of living with the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Local, State and National governments are constantly updating guidelines to help us all deal with the dangers of the virus that is altering our lives.   In Texas, the Supreme Court is in charge of final administration of the courthouses and dictates what access the public has to the courts.  Courts are being allowed to open very slowly with all of the courts staggering their days of operation so that only a certain number of courts are open each day on each floor of the courthouse. No one is allowed in the courthouse without a mask and once inside the courthouse all persons must wear masks.  There has been a complete shutdown of jury trials since conducting then would involve a total loss of social distancing.  

However, in the family courts, except for jury trials, we are open for business.  We are conducting hearings all day long via Zoom.  Attorneys, witnesses, court reporters, interpreters and parties all appear via Zoom. I have had hearings where we see on the Zoom screen as many as 8 different screens of all participants.  We email exhibits to the court beforehand so that the judge can review and decide whether to admit those exhibits.  We use emails to transfer documents back and forth between counsel and for sending motions and orders to the court.  

Our office is taking all precautions in the building to protect staff and our clients. Masks are mandatory for all!  And we sanitize surfaces during the day in order to protect all who come to the office. 

So,  we are open and ready to serve you!

If you need to talk to us about your case call us at (915) 593-6600 and (915) 256-0579.  Email us as well at doug@dsmithpllc.com.  We are ready to help!  All of us are working together to get us through this pandemic.