Family Law Deep Into the Pandemic

  The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting just about every aspect of  our lives.  But one of the most pervasive effects is our isolation from each other. We find ourselves being separated from our friends and relatives. We have a limited social life. Professional sports have an odd look to them with limited crowds and all of those empty seats in football stadiums and basketball arenas.  

However, our law firm has remained fully opened and operational.  We have employed Zoom technology for client interviews and court hearings. We work remotely as much as possible, but are connected to the office via GOTOMYPC.  We send and receive hundreds of emails and scans each week.  We exchange documents with opposing counsel daily. 

As a divorce lawyer with years of experience in the Hispanic and military communities Douglas Smith is  able to reach out to clients all over the world and here within El Paso County, Texas. Douglas Smith appears almost daily in Zoom hearings for divorces, custody disputes, child support cases and disputes over access and possession.  

The Texas Supreme Court is the governing authority on courthouse closings and openings.  For right now the courthouse has very limited access, but using Zoom and other technologies, is able to address most of the needs of the public.  We look to the Supreme Court for guidance on how the courthouses are to be administered. 

Regarding family cases, the Supreme Court has ordered that all parent-child visitations shall continue to be honored.  If a person becomes unemployed due to a Covid-19 shutdown of his or her employment then he or she needs to contact us to discuss how to address a loss of income as it affects his or her child support obligations.  When people move to new jurisdictions in search of new employment then they need to be careful to follow court orders governing custody and access and possession orders that could be affected by a change of residence.   Contact us if you are facing the “parent-child” effects of your move. 

We are all  adapting to these Pandemic changes.  We are all attempting to return to a normal life and look forward to the day we have a vaccine to protect us from the effects of Covid-19.  Until then we need to all follow those health guidelines to protect us and our loved ones.  Our office is no different.  We practice social distancing and  the wearing of masks in the office.   

We welcome your calls with any questions you have about your family law concerns.  Call us at 915-593-6600 or 915-256-0579.