Motorcycle Accidents

There are more than 8,410,255 motorcycles in the United States.  In Texas one in every 58 persons owns a motorcycle.   The national average is one in every 36 persons. I guess pick up trucks are more popular in Texas.   But, nevertheless, there are lots of motorcycles out there on the road. 

The motorcycle driver in the know always wears a high quality helmet.  He should never ride wearing flip flips and a mere T shirt.  If you see a motorcyclist wearing a black leather jacket, don’t think gang member, think someone who knows about his personal safety on a bike.  Include in the safety clothing list  boots, gloves, long pants and a highly reflective safety vest.  Don’t forget eye wear as well. 

Most motorcyclists are safety nerds.  They all know fellow bikers who have broken the safety rules and have dearly.  

Some of the risks that bikers face are limited visibility to car drivers, hazards such as potholes and uneven heights between lanes, and less stability. Compared to car drivers motorcyclists need a higher skill of training in order to operate their bikes. 

One study shows that more than 50% of people killed in motorcycle crashes were 40 or older. That same study showed that although only 10% of riders killed in motorcycle crashes were women, 89% of passengers killed in motorcycle accidents were women.  The majority of people who died in motorcycle accidents rode sport motorcycles with mid-size engines designed to maximize speed and agility. 

The Insurance Journal reported that the most dangerous time for motorcyclists is their first year.  This peaks in the first month with the first 30 days being approximately four times more risky than a rider’s entire second year. 

It is strongly recommended that a new motorcycle owner get formal training before hitting the road. 

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