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A major reason to get a prenuptial no matter your income

All sorts of couples across many income levels take advantage of prenuptial agreements to stave off stress and to ensure a focus on the relationship.

The perception of prenuptial agreements in Texas and elsewhere used to be that they were reserved solely for rich people. After all, the wealthy stood to lose a lot of money and assets in a divorce. Slowly but surely, this perception is changing, and, in fact, there is a compelling reason for any couple, regardless of income level, to get a prenuptial agreement.

A true focus on the relationship

The compelling reason is that a prenuptial (or postnuptial) allows a couple to truly focus on the relationship. For example, suppose Jane Smith lacks a prenuptial. She is considering a split from her husband, Dave, but knows in her gut that she probably will not follow through. She has stayed at home for 10 years to care for the couple's children, and she thinks it is unlikely she will be able to support herself and the kids financially after a split. She feels that Dave would do what he needed to financially, but it is still a huge gamble to take. So, she never tells Dave of her wish for a split, and the marriage continues on miserably (on Jane's part, at least).

Now suppose she did have a prenuptial, and it spelled out that if the couple were to divorce after Jane had been a stay-at-home parent for more than two years, Dave would be responsible for payments on an equivalent house for Jane until six years passed or she found a job paying at least $50,000.

With this prenuptial providing the financial security Jane needs, she can approach Dave about her desires for a split and about what is going wrong in the relationship. If they both want to, they have the opportunity to focus on their relationship without the stress and uncertainty of not knowing what will happen with finances.

Some common scenarios

The financial insecurity of a stay-at-home parent is one reason that prenuptials benefit many couples. Other common scenarios include the following:

· There are children from previous relationships, and one parent wants them to get certain assets.

· One partner has a reputation for being unfaithful, and a prenuptial shows the other partner that there is a commitment to stay faithful in this marriage.

· One partner has a business (or both partners own the same business).

· A huge wealth disparity between the partners exists.

One thing all of these scenarios have in common is that a prenuptial provides a sense of security that allows couples to devote their energy to the relationship. While couples can draw up prenuptial agreements themselves, a Texas attorney helps cover all bases and makes it unlikely that the agreement will fall down in the face of a court challenge.

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