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Estate administration includes the probate process as well as non-probate transfers of the deceased's assets. Individual state laws direct the probate court how to distribute the deceased's estate. State laws and procedures vary greatly, so it is important to consult a probate lawyer with experience in this area of the law to ensure that the deceased's assets are distributed correctly.

Estate planning involves the preparation of documents to direct the distribution of personal assets upon death or other incapacitating event. This is done through the drafting of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other related documents.

  • Wills: In Texas, any person over the age of eighteen and of sound mind may make a will. Each will is a unique and personal document that depends on the person's wishes. However, state law provides certain requirements for the execution, revocation, and modification of wills. As a Texas estate-planning attorney, I can help you design your will so that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, and so that it complies with state law.
  • Trusts: A trust is used to hold legal title to property for the benefit of one or more persons. Many types of trusts can be created under Texas law, including living trusts (revocable trusts), testamentary trusts (under your will), and charitable trusts, to name a few. I advise clients on what trusts are best for them, and help them prepare the trust. Contact our estate planning law firm today to see which trust will best fit your needs.
  • Power of Attorney: Through a power of attorney, you can give someone else (your agent) the power to act on your behalf. Most people create this document in the event they become incapacitated. A power of attorney is an extremely powerful document. It provides your agent with broad powers to handle your property, and make various decisions about your medical care. (A medical directive, sometimes called a living will, can also be drafted for you.) A power of attorney should be carefully drafted. I can advise you on the specific provisions controlling this type of document. Contact me today to see how a power of attorney will best fit your needs.
  • Probate: Probate is the process that transfers legal title of property from the estate of the person who has died (the "decedent") to his or her proper beneficiaries. Probate also refers to the process of proving the existence of a valid will or determining and proving who the legal heirs are if there is no will. I help clients manage the probate process. If you need a probate lawyer, contact me today for an evaluation.

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