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New book offers tips on how to co-parent after a divorce

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Texans who are dealing with a divorce may be interested in a new book, humorously titled, "You Can Keep the Damn China! And 824 Other Great Tips on Dealing with Divorce." The book consists of brief and insightful comments from people from a range of backgrounds and who have previously gone through a divorce. Essentially, the book amasses a collection of potentially helpful advice that spans the emotional spectrum of post-divorce living.

For example, a man tells how his ex-wife and son moved to Texas after the parents' divorce. He expresses how he felt a great void afterward, especially when he returned home from work every day. To cope and also ensure that he would remain a significant part of his son's life, the man says he calls his son two times a day, making certain each time to say that he loves his boy.

On another note, one woman from Oklahoma who was married for 20 years describes how she and her daughter suffered mental and physical abuse by the woman's husband. The daughter had begged her mother to divorce the man, but the woman had decided to wait until her daughter went away to college. Now, in the book, the woman relates how much she regrets not leaving her ex-husband much sooner.

By contrast, a woman from Iowa advises not to tell one's children anything disparaging about their father. If he is a bad person, she says, the children will figure it out by themselves. When the father fails to pick up the children when he is supposed to, the woman says she withholds verbal judgment. The children, she says, will come to their own realization that their father hasn't been there for them.

The book offers first-hand accounts of divorce from a wide range of perspectives, and the reader is allowed to pick and choose what is relevant to his or her own life. In general, not much legal advice is offered, but parents in any stage of life after a divorce may be interested in the stories of people who have faced similar circumstances, both legal and emotional.

Source: sunherald.com, "Great divorce tips: Co-parenting after divorce," Jan. 5, 2012

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