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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lengthy international child custody battle ends for boy in Texas

A Texas divorce can be a long and complicated process. Having clear communication between the parties is often essential to negotiating a property division settlement, a child support agreement, as well as a child custody arrangement. With these issues in mind, readers in the El Paso area will be interested to hear of an acrimonious separation that led to a lengthy custody battle that spanned almost ten years and at least two countries.

Retreats available for military families considering divorce

Military families in the El Paso area know that long deployments, lots of travel and an extremely heavy workload can increase stress in an otherwise stable household. When service members are deployed for long periods of time, coming home to Texas can be a challenge when so much may have changed, both at home and with the service member.

Deion and Pilar Sanders: a messy Texas divorce

As readers in El Paso may know, divorce is never easy, but it doesn't have to be a grueling mess, nor do the details of a couple's separation or their divorce proceedings have to be emblazoned across the news. However, sometimes emotions are so high and differences so great, the circumstances of a divorce become extremely volatile, and what maybe should be kept private becomes all-too-public.

Military Child Education Coalition could help Texas children

Parents in Texas who are in the military know that military life can sometimes strain a marriage, even to the point of separation or divorce. Military-connected children are also affected. According to the president of the Military Child Education Coalition, school-aged military-connected children, who now number about 1.2 million, relocate three times as often as civilian students. Additionally, children of active duty parents are also more likely to experience separation problems if a parent is relocated or deployed. As Texas parents know, these issues can complicate military family life, resulting in conflicts between parents, as well as special challenges to providing a healthy education and home life for military-connected children.

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