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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Helping children cope during a child custody dispute

For Texas couples who are divorcing, coming to an agreement on child custody and support can be difficult. Children may face a particularly confusing time during the separation of their parents, who may in turn feel overwhelmed with the child custody process as they struggle to achieve the best outcome for their children.

Father ordered to include college bills in child support

Texans who have child support concerns may be interested in a recent out-of-state court ruling that required a father to foot the entire bill for his child's college education. The case highlights what many people go through when a non-custodial parent's income increases significantly after a child support order is made. The couple involved was divorced in 1993, and at that time, the father's child support payments were set at $175 per week for two children.

Research shows how marriage breakups can affect work

In Texas and throughout the country, couples going through a divorce often experience emotional distress and psychological issues related to the breakup. New evidence also indicates these problems can extend to the workplace.

Should couples going through a divorce be wary of Facebook?

A man upset about his child custody and divorce proceedings took to his Facebook page last November to vent about the state of his divorce. Although his estranged wife was blocked from his page, she accessed the posting and comments from friends. The woman complained to the court, claiming the husband's actions were abusive and harassing. She also argued that the Facebook use violated a prior civil protection order issued in her favor.

Texans considering divorce may learn from Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Recently, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant announced that they have settled all issues concerning their marriage dissolution in a private manner. And it appears that good communication skills, which are just as essential in any Texas divorce, contributed to making the divorce process amicable for the NBA star and his wife.

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