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Texans considering divorce may learn from Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Recently, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant announced that they have settled all issues concerning their marriage dissolution in a private manner. And it appears that good communication skills, which are just as essential in any Texas divorce, contributed to making the divorce process amicable for the NBA star and his wife.

The breakup of a marriage is never easy, but there are ways for a separating couple to communicate their differences through a legal mediator. In the Bryants' case, they may have decided to complete a kind of financial divorce but maintain a personal relationship, since they have reportedly been seen together even during their divorce proceedings.

In other words, they are likely seeking to divide their assets without completely severing their emotional ties to each other. Such an approach may actually improve the state of a marriage by fostering an economic equality in their relationship.

Whether reconciliation is in the cards for the couple is idle speculation for the moment, but the property division negotiations of divorce appear to be amicable. Vanessa Bryant is now in possession of at least three homes: an estate valued at $11.2 million, a jointly owned home worth $2.9 million, and a home valued at $4.7 million. With a reported absence of a prenuptial agreement, legal observers estimate that she could gain a total of approximately $75 million, in addition to spousal maintenance and child support.

A Texas divorce typically brings with emotional and financial challenges. Regardless of the reasons for seeking the dissolution of a marriage, communicating openly with your spouse and having someone who is familiar with family law on your side can make the experience of negotiating a settlement slightly less trying. Each party in a divorce would do well to become fully informed of the relevant law as it pertains to an equitable resolution of all outstanding issues.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Kobe Bryant divorce: Couple divides assets despite kiss photo," Richard Winton, Feb. 20, 2012

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