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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What leads happy couples in Texas to divorce?

Most people in a new marriage are not likely thinking about separating from their spouses, but the truth is that many marriages end in divorce. So, what factors can indicate the possibility of a Texas divorce? Understanding influences linked to the possibility of divorce may help identify important predictors and offer couples the opportunity to work on those issues before they become too much to handle. Whether or not being aware of these factors can help couples avoid divorce may not be clear, but the findings are nonetheless interesting.

New study: children's fatal illness does not raise divorce rate

As El Paso residents can imagine, when children are diagnosed with a terminal illness, the parents may experience a devastating emotional strain. However, readers in Texas may be interested to hear that, according to a new study, a child's terminal illness does not necessarily increase the parents' risk of divorce.

The Tiki Barber divorce: what can divorcing Texans learn?

Couples going through a divorce in El Paso may already be aware of the acrimonious divorce battle between former NFL star Tiki Barber and his estranged wife. Reports are surfacing that the two have finally reached a settlement in their long and bitter separation. Although divorce negotiations for many couples in Texas won't be as public as the Barbers', their high profile dispute does underscore some of the serious difficulties that divorce can sometimes bring.

Not honoring child support obligations may lead to jail in Texas

El Paso residents should be aware that failure to pay child support is taken very seriously in the state of Texas. A large roundup of parents said to be delinquent on child support payments brought 24 arrests in a single day. The sweep effort focused solely on those who had outstanding warrants for failing to meet their child support obligations. Working in conjunction with the Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division, several counties across Texas participated in the campaign.

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