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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Divorce of prominent couple in Texas heats up over child custody

A bitter divorce in Texas is heating up between a former hand surgeon and his estranged wife. The couple is now involved in divorce hearings in Houston, and the first day involved child custody complaints from both sides.

Supreme Court hears alimony case after military divorce

Spousal support can be a sticky subject, especially for those who have to pay it. With that in mind, a case highlighting a veteran's fight to protect his benefits after a military divorce may interest Texas service members who are dissolving a marriage.

Texans should tally assets and debt when negotiating a divorce

Couples going through divorce in Texas are surely aware of the emotional toll of dissolving a marriage. But there is also the very real possibility that one's financial situation can take a hit during the negotiations over the division of marital property, not to mention the new prospect of living on a single income. That is why couples should consider evaluating all of their assets in detail before finalizing a divorce.

Father wins custody of daughter from afar

An interesting case has thrown the topic of fathers' rights into the spotlight and may interest parents in El Paso who are experiencing child support or child custody issues. A man whose parental rights were once terminated has gained full custody of a daughter he has never actually met.

Family programs and money could prevent military divorce in Texas

In El Paso, service members and their spouses are well aware of the extra care a marriage may need to avoid the possibility of military divorce. Military personnel can expect long work hours and the possibility of a short-notice deployment, so people in the service may experience marriage strain through no fault of their own. However, military members also tend to hold established institutions in higher regard than the general populace, and that goes for marriage, too.

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