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Monday, July 16, 2018

A Texas divorce does not have to break the bank

Any divorce, whether in Texas or elsewhere, is bound to be emotionally trying. It can also hit both spouses in the pocketbook. However, those who plan ahead for a Texas divorce are more likely to achieve a fair settlement that not only takes care of the short term but also envisions the new life to come.

Military divorce often unpleasant reality for returning veterans

While military service has often proven tough on marriages, the divorce rate among veterans coming home from serving in the Middle East has nearly doubled during the course of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, according to recent reports. One Navy medic returning from duty in Afghanistan discovered that unpleasant truth a month before he was scheduled to come home. His only signs of the impending divorce were a questionable email from his wife and then the fact that he couldn't manage to get in contact with her. Many servicemen and women throughout Texas face the same unwelcome reality.

Divorcing Texas wife sues retailer over gifts from husband

An interesting case is making headlines in Texas. A woman embroiled in a bitter divorce is suing Neiman Marcus because the company has refused to take back over $1.4 million worth of merchandise. Many of the items were said to be gifts from the woman's husband, and they were initially purchased by her personal shopper, who is an employee of the retail store.

Father of 30 children seeks child support break

Parents in Texas will be interested in a true but hard-to-believe story about a man who is struggling to make child support payments to the 30 children he has fathered. The 33-year-old has asked for help from the court, but many people aren't exactly sympathetic toward his child support plight.

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