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Father of 30 children seeks child support break

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Parents in Texas will be interested in a true but hard-to-believe story about a man who is struggling to make child support payments to the 30 children he has fathered. The 33-year-old has asked for help from the court, but many people aren't exactly sympathetic toward his child support plight.

The man has reportedly fathered 30 children by 11 different women. The children vary in age from infancy to teenage years, and some of the man's required monthly payments for child support amount to less than $2. Feeding a child on that type of support would, of course, be impossible.

Back in 2009, he reportedly had 21 children and was only paying the mothers $1.49 per month for each child. When pressed about why he fathered so many children, the man gave a vague response about how it just happened, but he also stated that he didn't plan on having any more.

But three years have passed since then, and nine more children have been born. He has not garnered sympathy within his home state of Tennessee.

Many responsible Texans who are the parents of far fewer children than this man are having trouble making child support payments. In cases in which a paying parent's financial situation has changed substantially, there may be options for reducing monthly support through filing a petition to modify a child support order. In any case, child support payments are necessary for the well-being of children and are also required by law. Parents in El Paso who have child support concerns should be aware of the options for ensuring payment or making a modification.

Source: Dayton Daily News, "A father, 11 mothers and 30 children? Oy vey!" May 28, 2012

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