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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Woman jailed for delinquent child support payments

While many stories about child support in Texas revolve around fathers, one woman is opening up about her story and how she was sentenced to jail after failing to pay. The woman is a mother of two boys and apparently failed to pay child support to the children for years. She was sentenced twice to jail and now feels the time she served was justified.

A Texas divorce without kids: Easier or not?

A recent news story asks whether divorce is easier if children aren't involved. While not having children means the divorcing parties can avoid nasty custody battles or child support issues, it does not necessarily make divorce in Texas any easier. Some people may disagree, though, saying that a divorce without children only requires division of money and property. But those issues are trying enough, and since the circumstances of each divorce are different, people experience the process in different ways.

Diplomacy in Texas divorce: Could it make the process easier?

While there is no denying that divorce is one of the most painful things a person can go through, the process does not always have to be acrimonious. In fact, a healthy degree of diplomacy in a divorce can be a helpful way for Texans to end a marriage quickly and efficiently, as well as establish a decent report with the other parent should children be involved.

New Texas law relieves man of child support order after 16 years

A change to Texas law could free some men from having to pay child support. At first glance, this new law could raise some eyebrows, but the policy is actually meant to help men who have been paying child support for children they never fathered. For example, one Texas man is particularly thankful for the change in policy, as he was making support payments for 16 years for a child he suspected was fathered by another man.

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