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Diplomacy in Texas divorce: Could it make the process easier?

Sunday, June 24, 2018

While there is no denying that divorce is one of the most painful things a person can go through, the process does not always have to be acrimonious. In fact, a healthy degree of diplomacy in a divorce can be a helpful way for Texans to end a marriage quickly and efficiently, as well as establish a decent report with the other parent should children be involved.

No one will deny that the world is not a Utopia and that spouses do drift apart, as well as lie and cheat. Such things may make many Texans seek a divorce, but the effort to behave civilly may have a practical value if doing so helps bring about a fair and equitable settlement.

An amicable divorce involves a couple that can agree to certain terms relating to spousal support, child support, asset division and child custody. In this type of divorce, both parties are able to agree that their marriage is finished, with both people wanting a peaceful dissolution. However, such a divorce does not mean a couple agrees to be friends or that one party will receive everything he or she wants. Such a diplomatic split also doesn't necessarily take away the emotional pain of a divorce. However, being diplomatic can help both people walk away with a sense that the right decisions were made and that the future is open.

One of the most important reasons to attempt diplomacy in a divorce is for the protection and benefit of children. A divorce can cause a huge emotional strain on families, and children can be the ones most affected by it. If both divorcing parties can end the marriage in a civil way, it could potentially help the entire family better adjust to their new lives. Such a divorce can reduce resentment between the spouses and make custody sharing a little bit easier.

Source: Forbes, "A Diplomatic Divorce is the Only Way to Go," Alan Dunn, June 28, 2012

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