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New Texas law relieves man of child support order after 16 years

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A change to Texas law could free some men from having to pay child support. At first glance, this new law could raise some eyebrows, but the policy is actually meant to help men who have been paying child support for children they never fathered. For example, one Texas man is particularly thankful for the change in policy, as he was making support payments for 16 years for a child he suspected was fathered by another man.

The Navy veteran married and subsequently divorced his high-school sweetheart, who was pregnant while he was in boot camp. Due to military requirements, he was frequently away. When he was home, though, he began to notice a resemblance between the child and a person his wife was previously involved with.

Although the veteran questioned whether he was actually the father, the answer would not have mattered at the time with regard to Texas law. Even if it was proven that he was not the father, he would still be required to pay child support. With the new law, however, the veteran was able to petition the court, which ordered a paternity test that confirmed his suspicions. As a result, the court relieved him of any further support obligations.

The only catch to the new policy is that men have until Sept. 1, 2012, to petition the court if the true paternity in a particular case was determined by Sept. 1, 2011. Other than that, this law stands to help many people who may be dealing with a mistaken support order. As for the Navy veteran, he is now free from those required payments, and he can finally begin to fully live his life with his new wife and son.

The change in the law was a long time coming for people like him. Having to bear the financial burden of paying for a child you know is not yours can be a tough pill to swallow. Now men in Texas can finally have their day in court and relieve themselves of a mistaken support order.

And by the same token, if a man is shown not to be the father of a child, the mother of that child should consider her options for receiving those necessary support payments from the appropriate individual.

Source: the33tv.com, "Some Men Could Soon No Longer Pay Child Support," Daniel Novick, June 13, 2012

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