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Monday, July 16, 2018

Texas child support: Holmes receives substantial support for Suri

Texas residents following the Holmes Cruise divorce story may be surprised she walked away from the marriage with what some say was nothin g but child support. Although Tom Cruise is a huge superstar and has likely amassed an enormous fortune, Holmes will receive no spousal support and what reports are terming a "modest" amount of child support. For most parents, $400,000 per year in child support is no modest amount, but that's the amount that will be paid for young Suri's benefit until she is 18 years old.

Texas child custody: Dealing with the aftermath of divorce

Texas mothers who have gone through an acrimonious divorce may be interested in the results of a new study. The intriguing study shows that many divorced couples fail to deal with their divorce in a productive way, resulting in ongoing contentious relationships with their ex-spouses. Specifically, the researcher behind the study stated that a lot of animosity exists by mothers who have to share child custody. Results of the study showed almost 50 percent of the surveyed mothers reported some type of conflict with their exes

Texas parents: Gosselin relieved of child support requirement

Texas residents likely remember Kate and Jon Gosselin, the reality TV couple made famous by the hit show Kate Plus Eight who later divorced. Their divorce made national headlines and Kate went on to film more episodes of the show on her own and appeared as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Jon has not given the appearance of being equally fortunate, given recent statements he allegedly posted online saying that he is having trouble paying his child support for the couple's eight children.

Obtaining illegal information can backfire in divorce

Couples in Texas and throughout the nation can sometimes play dirty when going through a divorce. Such is the case for an out-of-state woman who was caught using computer spyware during a divorce from her ex-husband. She now has a judgment against her, requiring her to pay damages. Although a Texas divorce often won't end up so acrimonious, sometimes things can spiral out of control due to the emotions involved.

Parents can get creative in pursuit of child support

Texas parents may be able to commiserate with a woman from a southeastern state who took the law into her own hands in an effort to collect child support arrears due her. A savvy parent tired of dealing with the ups and downs of family court and frustrated with her ex-husband refusing to pay child support, she alerted law enforcement to a little used law in her state that makes failure to pay child support a felony. The law has been used so little that it appears to be the first time it had ever been used in the woman's county.

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