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Texas child custody: Dealing with the aftermath of divorce

Monday, July 16, 2018

Texas mothers who have gone through an acrimonious divorce may be interested in the results of a new study. The intriguing study shows that many divorced couples fail to deal with their divorce in a productive way, resulting in ongoing contentious relationships with their ex-spouses. Specifically, the researcher behind the study stated that a lot of animosity exists by mothers who have to share child custody. Results of the study showed almost 50 percent of the surveyed mothers reported some type of conflict with their exes

While shared child custody ensures that both parents will share quality time with their children, it is not a remedy for issues that continue to exist after a separation. The women surveyed were mostly white and well educated. Their ages ranged from 26 to 49 years of age. All of the women who took part were divorced or separated and shared child custody with their ex. The researcher found the relationships between those surveyed varied, with some women reporting relations as "constantly combative", and others claiming that their relationship with their ex-spouse is either "always friendly" or "poor to improving."

The study also found that eight of nine women who reported combative relationships were only sharing custody because they were required to do so by law. These women claimed they had no faith in the parenting ability of their ex, or their financial stability. Some claimed issues such as abuse, failure to pay child support or an inability to keep their marital problems separate from their parental responsibilities.

While child custody for Texas parents can be awkward, especially after a contentious divorce, the children are the ones who often suffer if a poor relationship exists between the parents. Attempting to work through the bitter feelings and anger one is feeling could potentially help the custody process go more smoothly. As a result, children may not be able to pick up on the tension between their parents and can learn to adjust to their new family structure more quickly and easily.

Source: Counsel & Heal, "Sharing Child Custody is Pain for Majority of Women," Drishya Nair, Aug. 11, 2012

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