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Monday, July 16, 2018

Texas child support case brought against judge

Texas parents are aware of how difficult collecting child support can sometimes be. When this occurs, parents often use the legal system to pursue to seek child support to help take care of their children. However, in a recent case in a northern state, the person targeted in a lawsuit seeking child support is a judge known as a proponent for men stepping up to be responsible fathers.

Court ruling might affect Texas military divorces

A court ruling could set a precedent for future cases involving a Texas military divorce. The current ruling states that any military retirement pay that is converted into disability benefits is now exempt from being claimed as alimony. This decision reverses a prior victory for a spouse who was seeking benefits from her ex-husband after their military divorce.

Texas child custody: Difficult case soon to be decided in court

While many child custody cases in Texas and elsewhere tend to be relatively straightforward, sometimes there are cases which are extremely complicated and emotionally difficult. Such is the case in a recent child custody battle making headlines across the nation. A murder-suicide between the teenage parents of a young child has led the grandparents of both parties to seek custody of their grandchild.

New study: Men may drink more during a Texas divorce

A recent study conducted by a major American university is making headlines across the nation. Researchers have found that being married can cause middle-age women to drink more, while it actually decreases a man's rate of drinking. However, the same study found that men are apt to increase their drinking when they are in the middle of a divorce. A Texas divorce is never an easy transition for either party, but an evaluation of existing data suggests that marriage and divorce have very different effects on males and females.

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