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New study: Men may drink more during a Texas divorce

Monday, May 21, 2018

A recent study conducted by a major American university is making headlines across the nation. Researchers have found that being married can cause middle-age women to drink more, while it actually decreases a man's rate of drinking. However, the same study found that men are apt to increase their drinking when they are in the middle of a divorce. A Texas divorce is never an easy transition for either party, but an evaluation of existing data suggests that marriage and divorce have very different effects on males and females.

While the numbers varied for men and women, evidence showed that divorce causes both of the sexes increase their consumption of alcohol. Interestingly enough, when men get married their drinking rate actually tends to slow down, whereas women tend to increase their consumption of alcohol. While there have been studies in the past concerning drinking and marriage, this particular study focused specifically on how divorce impacts one's drinking habits.

Unmarried women and those who have gone through a divorce tend to consume less alcohol than their married peers. The highest levels of drinking were found among divorced men, at an average of 21.5 drinks per month. Married men consumed approximately 19.2 drinks over the same period of time. Researchers believe that men tend to use alcohol as a way to cope with the divorce while women tend to turn to either food or family members to cope. The researchers also believed that some women may have been introduced to drinking by their husbands, and once that relationship ends, the women simply return to their previous levels of consumption.

Men going through a Texas divorce are aware that the transition from married to single is not an easy process. Many of those men turn to alcohol, whereas women going through a Texas divorce utilize other methods to get through the tough period. The researcher's findings will be presented soon at a professional conference in hopes that the information contained within will help younger generations cope with the drinking hazards associated with the end of a relationship.

Source: redorbit.com, "Does Your Husband Drive You To Drink? No Worries, You're Not Alone," Connie K. Ho, Aug. 23, 2012

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