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Texas child custody: Difficult case soon to be decided in court

Sunday, June 24, 2018

While many child custody cases in Texas and elsewhere tend to be relatively straightforward, sometimes there are cases which are extremely complicated and emotionally difficult. Such is the case in a recent child custody battle making headlines across the nation. A murder-suicide between the teenage parents of a young child has led the grandparents of both parties to seek custody of their grandchild.

Now the battle is playing out in court. The child in question is now two years old. Tension between the opposing sides is high, calling for extra security within the courtroom during one recent hearing. Not only are both sides mourning the loss of their children, they are now at odds over who is best equipped to raise the little girl who was left behind. The boy's parents have spent quite a bit of time raising the little girl, but the maternal grandmother also has visitation rights.

Recent testimony in court, however, could potentially hurt the maternal grandmother's chances at custody because it was revealed that she often cancels visitation with the toddler. In addition, testimony also raised the question of whether she has issues with drugs and mental health problems, concerns that the paternal grandparents have raised in regard to the grandchild's safety. The maternal grandmother's attorney has stated that he will soon present compelling arguments as to why the woman should hold an important role in raising the child. This case will ultimately fall into the hands of the judge in the case, who will make the final child custody decision.

Unusual child custody cases in Texas and throughout the nation can be extremely difficult to decide. Both of the little girl's parents are gone due to the violence of a disturbed teenage boy. They left behind a young daughter, and now two families are struggling for the right to raise the little girl as their own. This case has given way to high emotions and accusations on both sides. The maternal grandmother will have her chance to present an argument in front of the court, and the case will soon be decided by the judge in the case.

Source: WDAY6, "Bitter custody battle rages to decide fate of baby girl left behind by tragedy," Kevin Wallevand, Aug. 28, 2012

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