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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Texas military divorce: Can a spouse keep Tricare?

One of the many concerns that a Texas spouse may have when considering a military divorce is over health insurance. Active duty military members and some other qualified former service members are entitled to receive Tricare. However, if a spouse pursues a military divorce, are they still entitled to keep receiving the health care benefits?

Texas child custody: Some cases must be settled in the court

Couples in Texas may not always be able to come to an agreement over child custody. When this happens, a divorce case will be heard in court. If one party is unsatisfied with the settlement, the case could go all the way up to the state's Supreme Court. Such is the case for a prominent couple unable to agree on child custody for their daughter.

Texas behind $11 billion in child support payments

Many Texas parents rely upon child support every month to ensure that bills get paid and their children are well taken care of. However, some parents may not receive their child support due to the other parent becoming delinquent on their payments. Recent reports show that non-custodial parents in Texas are almost $11 billion behind in their payments.

Celebrity actress remains friends with ex after divorce

Lisa Whelchel may not be remembered by younger people, but she is best known for her role as Blair Warner in "The Facts of Life" in the 1980s. More recently, she was a contestant on "Survivor: Philippines." The unique thing about Whelchel is that, as a celebrity, she managed to get divorced in secret. At a time when celebrity divorces are everywhere, she and her husband managed to quietly divorce and even remain friends. Those couples seeking a Texas divorce may look to this couple for inspiration.

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