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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What happens with child custody when a hurricane strikes Texas?

Texas families are well aware of the devastation that a hurricane or other natural disaster can bring. When faced with an impending hurricane, the thought of child custody is often the last thing on a parent's mind. However, such a disaster can result in lost child custody time and frustration on the other parent's part.

Texas fathers' rights: Being left out could be against the law

When Texas parents go through a divorce or separate, one of the biggest points of contention between them can be the children. One man is attempting to stand up for his fathers' rights in the case of his son. He claims his wife failed to include him in several decisions concerning their son's medical care.

Texas child support round-up results in 18 arrests

A child support round up in Texas has resulted in 18 arrests. A sweep of Jefferson County was conducted for parents said to be in violation of their child support orders. All of the parents involved had warrants out for their arrests because they failed to pay.

Texas divorce: Marriages and divorces not created equal

A Texas divorce is never the same as any other because of the differences in couples going through such proceedings. Sometimes settlements and custody problems are not an issue because one person chooses not to fight over them. Although a Texas divorce can be difficult if the couples can't communicate, sometimes divorces can happen quickly and with no issues.

Texas fathers' rights: Man battles in court for his daughter

Texas fathers may sometimes feel as if they are being unfairly treated in court when it comes to child custody. One man has been fighting for years to improve fathers' rights after he lost custody of his young daughter due to an outdated state law. The man is now waiting for a decision in his case.

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