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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Texas woman files petition against NFL player for child support

A Texas woman has petitioned a court asking for the enforcement of a child support judgment. She claims she is owed thousands of dollars in child support from Carolina Panthers player, Brandon LaFell. The order requires the player to pay $4,000 a month for their young son. However, the man's agent claims LaFell has a modified order that requires him to only pay $1,500 per month.

Texas child support: Man ordered to stop having children

A unique verdict has been issued in the child support case of a man who owes almost $100,000 to the mother of several children. A judge has barred the man from procreating as a condition for granting probation. Child support issues in Texas can often be fraught with emotion, especially for parents who aren't receiving their court-ordered support. Parents in this situation can often appeal to the courts for assistance in enforcing orders, but on the other hand, some parents that have had a change in their financial circumstances may continually struggle to pay. When this occurs, they can seek a child support modification order through the courts if they can successfully prove their financial hardship.

Texas divorce lawyers opposed to new DIY forms

The Supreme Court of Texas has approved do-it-yourself divorce forms, much to the consternation of Texas divorce lawyers. Many lawyers in the state have reservations on whether the forms will be successful. The Supreme Court allows the forms to be used where a Texas divorce is uncontested.

Texas divorce and planning for custody during the holidays

Not all Texas families have been lucky enough to escape the awkwardness that the holidays can bring, especially after a family member divorces. While many movies portray the holidays as a warm and fuzzy time, the reality is less Hollywood. Couples who have gone through a Texas divorce may start arguing over child custody and other issues related to holiday visitation times. The holidays are already stressful without the added problems of a Texas divorce. So how do you deal with them?

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