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Texas child support: Man ordered to stop having children

Monday, May 21, 2018

A unique verdict has been issued in the child support case of a man who owes almost $100,000 to the mother of several children. A judge has barred the man from procreating as a condition for granting probation. Child support issues in Texas can often be fraught with emotion, especially for parents who aren't receiving their court-ordered support. Parents in this situation can often appeal to the courts for assistance in enforcing orders, but on the other hand, some parents that have had a change in their financial circumstances may continually struggle to pay. When this occurs, they can seek a child support modification order through the courts if they can successfully prove their financial hardship.

The man fathered nine children with several different women. With the child support and interest, it is reported he owes close to $100,000. The judge was disappointed he could not order the father to be sterilized. However, the Assistant District Attorney advised the judge he had some authority concerning the man's ability to reproduce. She cited a past state Supreme Court case that upheld judge's authority in ordering a man to stop having children unless he could prove he was able to support the children financially.

The judge immediately made the decision a condition of the man's probation. The father agreed to comply with the judge's decision. He claimed the decision may have been hasty, but stated he would abide by the condition.

Texas parents struggling to pay their child support must be able to prove their situation has changed enough to preclude them from making their payments. In many cases, a child support modification order will be granted when it is clear the financial crisis is not the fault of the parent owing the money. If granted, a modified order typically provides time for the other parent to get the financial situation straightened out. In the meantime, this can prevent parents from finding themselves in legal hot water for failing to make timely payments to the other parent.

Source: Clarionledger.com, "Wis. man $100K behind on child support ordered not to have kids," Dec. 5, 2012

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