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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Texas child custody and a dual citizenship parent

A Texas resident involved in a divorce with a spouse who holds dual citizenship may find their case more difficult than others, especially if they are unable to come to a resolution on child custody. With the increase in technology allowing for easier communication and the ability to travel abroad with little problem, dual citizenship marriages and divorces are becoming more common. A divorce is already difficult, but when international complications are tossed into a custody battle, it could warrant the need for a team of people knowledgeable in child custody law as are applicable to the countries involved.

New Texas bill could allow additional child custody time

A Texas representative is taking steps to help military parents receive more child custody time. He is sponsoring a bill that could allow children of service personnel the opportunity to receive excused absences from school for a period of up to 10 days if a military parent is preparing for deployment or has since returned from one. This bill could help military personnel who sometimes feel their careers are causing their child custody time to suffer.

Don't believe all the myths about a Texas divorce

A Texas divorce is something no one wants to contemplate, but many couples ultimately experience. While many may quote grim statistics seen in headlines, the fact is there are many myths surrounding divorce. If the high cost or fear of being ordered to pay alimony are factors in delaying Texas divorce proceedings, breathe easy. Many of these facts are laced with fiction and are not as grim as they seem.

Could infidelity boost the settlement in a Texas divorce?

Infidelity is a common reason cited in a divorce, but will it actually cost the guilty spouse when it comes time for a divorce settlement? The answer normally depends on the state the couple lives in. Some states have no-fault divorce laws, meaning the couple does not have to explain or list a reason for why the marriage may have failed. Texas couples can file for a 'no fault' divorce, but if a spouse has been unfaithful, the courts may take the indiscretion under consideration for the property settlement. This could encourage a spouse in our state to seek a Texas divorce on the ground of adultery when evidence exists of an extramarital relationship.

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