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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Child custody can be smoothed through communication, support

Divorce is a difficult transition for all parties involved, but it's most especially so for the children of the separating couple. Texas couples who have been through divorce, or who are facing it now, understand that child custody can be at least as complicated as the divorce itself. Many experts agree, however, that maintaining respectful lines of communication and a solid grounding of consistency can help families survive a difficult time.

Asset protection during a Texas divorce

Separations typically become more complicated the more assets that a couple has accrued during the course of their marriage. While courts officiating over a Texas divorce attempt to be as equitable as possible in the dispersion of material and fiscal assets, it is always possible that some of your assets will be remanded to your former spouse. However, depending upon where you are in the country, some of your assets may be exempt.

Basketball star refuses to pay additional child support

When it comes to child support, many separated parents might find themselves asking the question "how much is too much". For famed basketball player Steve Nash, who is refusing to pay the child support demanded by his estranged wife, the answer is problematic. Texas basketball fans may already be aware of Nash's much-publicized child support battle with former spouse Alejandra Amarilla, which has been ongoing for over a year.

Texas divorce rates trending upward for older people

In the last twenty years, a new trend in separation has begun to manifest. Texas divorce rates, as well as rates from states all over the nation, have shown a 100% increase for people aged 50 and over. What is being termed "gray divorce" has become more prevalent than ever, and experts believe there are a number of potential reasons for the sudden trend upward.

Texas woman sentenced in child support case

A woman accused of failing to live up to her fiscal responsibility to her three children has pleaded guilty, according to court records. The 39-year-old Texas resident was charged with felony non-support of her dependent children living out-of-state and has been ordered to begin compensating for the missing child support payments. She entered the guilty plea on April 15.

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