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Texas woman sentenced in child support case

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A woman accused of failing to live up to her fiscal responsibility to her three children has pleaded guilty, according to court records. The 39-year-old Texas resident was charged with felony non-support of her dependent children living out-of-state and has been ordered to begin compensating for the missing child support payments. She entered the guilty plea on April 15.

The case was handled by a court in the same state where her children currently reside. The details of custody were not addressed, but the court agreed that the woman had failed to provide appropriate support concurrent to her existing child support arrangement. She was sentenced by a local Circuit Court judge, who sentenced her to five years in prison before suspending the sentence in lieu.

The woman has been ordered to immediately pay $5,000 toward her existing back child support, which was billed to her on the same day as the sentencing. She was also required to cover extradition and other court costs for a total of $700. For the duration of the five years of her suspended sentence, the court has ordered her to pay an additional $270 per month on top of her existing child support payments in order to compensate for the owed amount. This additional charge will stand until her arrearage has been fully repaid.

Child support payments are taken very seriously by courts in Texas and elsewhere. Failing to live up to the obligation of child support can, as has been shown in this case, result in considerable legal consequences. However, it is important to note that child support laws can differ from state to state, and it may be beneficial for any party involved in a child support case to familiarize themselves with the particulars of the law in all applicable jurisdictions. Additionally, parents who are struggling to make required payments may be able to petition a court for a child support modification rather than risk criminal penalties.

Source: The Republic, "Texas woman pleads guilty in Mississippi child support case," April 15, 2013

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