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Texas divorce often predicted by arguments about money

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

University research has confirmed what some already suspected -- both men and women have a sore spot when it comes to fighting about money. In fact, it has been suggested that arguing about financial matters is one of the top indicators that a Texas divorce might be on the horizon. This means it may be doubly important to seek assistance in dividing assets should the divorce reach the filing stage.

According to some experts, money comes out on top in terms of the most highly-contested topic of argument between couples, outweighing sex, children and other common red-button issues. It is believed that arguments about money last longer and are more vitriolic than most other disagreements. Typically, both parties also take longer to "cool down" from a financial argument than from other spats.

The results come from a study of 4,500 polled American couples. Many reported that in cases where a divorce was not an option due to limited finances, the arguments about money actually got worse, negatively impacting the entire marriage. With that said, however, some experts believe that regardless of financial status, arguments about money are a very clear indicator that a divorce could be in the cards for these couples.

While it is possible for a couple to recover from an argument, the underlying problems that cause it may bespeak a more serious issue with the marriage at large. Couples engaged in a Texas divorce where money has been a topic of disagreement are urged to seek support in dealing with the financial aspects of their divorce agreement. This can help to avoid further stress and make for a relatively quick and efficient settlement.

Source: Digital Journal, "Arguing about money a top predictor for divorce," Kathleen Blanchard, July 14, 2013

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