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Women may be financially vulnerable in Texas divorce

Sunday, June 24, 2018

It is an unfortunate reality that not all divorces end amicably, and sometimes people are not as honest as they could be when dealing with the financial end of the equation. Texas divorce has the capacity to be particularly damaging to women, however, according to some experts. In a disturbing trend, many women enter into divorce arrangements with little to no knowledge of the true financial standing of their partner, and so are urged to educate themselves on how to know if their former spouse is being dishonest.

Quite often, if the husband in a marriage situation is the primary or sole breadwinner, he may pay for his own life necessities through the business rather than through personal accounts. This is a warning sign because it makes it easier for him to fudge the numbers around how much he is earning, sometimes not even claiming an income. This can have a profound effect on things like alimony payments.

Secondarily to that, a business suddenly becoming "less profitable," especially if the trouble started when issues with the marriage did, may also be a sign that he is gearing up to skew numbers. This is called "self-protective planning" and it means giving the impression that a business is failing when in fact it is not. There are a variety of tactics dishonest people use to take what they are not owed, and some experts agree the only way to combat this is through education.

Texas divorce can be an expensive proposition, especially if a couple has been together for a long time. However, women who deserve their fair share of the marital pie should be prepared to know what that share looks like. A full knowledge of one's rights under state law in a divorce situation can make all the difference at the negotiating table.

Source: Forbes, If Your Husband Owns A Business, Watch Out For SIDS (Sudden Income Deficit Syndrome) Once Divorce Proceedings Start, Jeff Landers, Oct. 10, 2013

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