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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Texas divorce could involve "pet custody"

It is a well-known fact among pet owners that furry and feathered friends are often considered part of the family. That may be part of the reason why so-called pet custody suits are becoming more and more common in Texas divorce scenarios. While the courts still view pets as property in the same way they would consider a couch or automobile, some legal professionals are opening the door to a broader interpretation of how animals should be treated -- not simply as an asset to be divided.

Texas divorce difficult for those over 50

No marriage ever started with one or both parties expecting a divorce, but sadly the prevalence of separation across the nation is still quite common. Texas divorce can be especially problematic for those experiencing what experts have taken to calling "grey divorce," or a separation in later life post-middle age. It is particularly important for individuals of this age range to understand their rights and responsibilities in the divorce proceedings in order to make their late-life separation as quick and efficient as possible.

Avoiding the pitfalls associated with Texas divorce

A 2009 study by the U.S. Census Bureau found that a staggering 22 percent of divorced women were living in poverty, compared to only 11 percent of divorced men. This is a concerning trend that deserves attention, particularly from women experiencing Texas divorce. Avoiding obvious pitfalls may help to alleviate the fiscal distress this study illustrates.

Preparing for settlement can help move Texas divorce forward

Generally speaking there are two ways to handle a divorce situation. The first is in a mediated settlement meeting, which takes place outside of a court setting and involves both parties hashing out the distribution of assets. The second is a litigated divorce, which necessitates court dates and a great deal of legal red tape. Those familiar with Texas divorce are probably aware of both of these options, but some experts believe the settlement route to be the more productive of the two.

Texas divorce can be complicated by hidden assets

It is an unfortunate reality that not every divorce can be settled cleanly and with no "hard feelings". In some cases, a Texas divorce can be complicated by one or both spouses being less than honest in their asset reports. However, even if a financial analyst or forensic accountant is not fiscally feasible, there are other ways to determine the extent to which assets were hidden, which will allow further action to be taken in a legal setting.

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