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Monday, July 16, 2018

Texas divorce can take a toll on the unprepared

Separation is rarely an easy process for either individual in a separating couple. Texas divorce can take a strong emotional toll on both parties, and it is therefore important to understand the steps that can be taken to minimize those challenges on both ends. Here are a few things to keep in mind before sitting down at the negotiation table.

Military divorce at an all-time low in Texas and elsewhere

According to a recent study, the rate of military divorce in the Navy and other parts of the Armed Forces is steadily dropping. The frequency with which servicemen and women divorce one another has dropped significantly, based on the independent study. The study, conducted by the Rand Corporation, is seeking to understand the factors that influence military divorce in states across the country, including Texas.

"Postnup" suggested ahead of Texas divorce

Most Americans are familiar with the concept of a prenuptial agreement, in which the division of assets in the case of a divorce are planned ahead of time. However, many are unaware of the concept of a postnuptial agreement, which can have profound implications for stay-at-home parents that may be facing a Texas divorce. There are a variety of reasons why a so-called "postnup" can be beneficial to an individual giving up his or her highest-earning years to raise children.

Texas divorce may be helped by gaining knowledge of process

Sometimes understanding can be borne of as simple an action as asking the right questions. This can certainly be the case in a Texas divorce which, as many residents understand, can be a very complicated process. Understanding what is required of both parties, depending on the state in which the divorce is taking place, can go a long way toward smoothing the road toward both spouses starting their new lives.

Texas divorce: Where do taxes fit in the equation?

It may seem odd to think of a divorce as a financial transaction, considering the heavy emotional burden a separation can engender. But those going through Texas divorce can attest to the fact that many financial issues are wrapped up in ending a marriage. While everyone can be influenced by the effect of divorce on tax issues, it is particularly true for affluent couples.

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