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Pets need extra attention and activities during Texas divorce

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Pets are increasingly recognized as having a special position in a family relationship. They are unable to care for themselves so that they are cared for as part of this special relationship. In return, pets share their love and their faithful innocence with the family. In Texas and throughout the country, we even see instances of pets stepping up to assist humans in times of peril. Thus, domesticated animals are generally considered a part of the family unit deserving of a degree of respect and consideration in any situation such as a Texas divorce where drastic change is imminent.

There are some universal recommendations to follow regarding pets and their treatment during negotiations. In most cases, the pets should stay with the children. The person taking them should be equipped to pay for their upkeep and care. If this means increased support for the spouse with the children and the pets, then it should be reasonably factored into the final agreement.

Pets that come from the same source and were raised together should be kept together to prevent severed depression and associated symptoms. Pets can also become depressed and stressed from the dynamics of a separation from a caring human. If a pet is less energetic, sleeping much of the time, and creating a variety of behavior problems, the animal could very well be depressed. One solution is for the remaining caretaker to spend more time playing with them and keeping them exercised and engaged in a high level of activities.

In Texas and elsewhere, pets continue to be treated as lifeless parcels of personal property. As such, the courts in a Texas divorce don't want to devote their limited resources in emotional battles over domestic animals. The parties must strive to cooperate and agree on the best disposition of the animals for the pets' best interests in the long-run.

Source: The Huffington Post, Who Gets The Pets In A Divorce? What You Need To Consider When Fighting Over Fido, Maria Moya, Jan. 19, 2014

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