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Monday, July 16, 2018

Telling children about Texas divorce can be challenging

A marital separation is difficult for everyone involved, but most notably upon any children involved. A Texas divorce can profoundly influence a child's life and lead him or her to be frightened, confused and alone. Many family law commentators agree it is vital to carefully handle how to break the news of an impending separation to children. This may help to mitigate any potential impact on the child's development or emotional well-being.

Economy on the rise as evidenced by rising Texas divorce rates

Divorce rates are on the rise across the nation, leading some economic pundits to believe this points to an improvement in the overall economy. Texas divorce rates have been slowly gaining ground, in tandem with the rest of the country since the recession began to ease off and the economy started to improve. Contrary to popular opinion, some observers note that trying economic times may incite some couples to stay together despite their better judgment in order to maintain economic stability.

Texas divorce could lead to Internal Revenue Service audit

It is difficult to imagine receiving a letter stating that the Internal Revenue Service is preparing to do an audit of one's finances. The thought can be nerve-racking. However, the possibility of undergoing such an audit is real for people who have just gone through a Texas divorce and had to involve the court in their affairs.

Texas divorce rate linked to the economy?

Once upon a time, it was widely believed that the rate of marriage separation increased during times of economic hardship, but recent studies are suggesting the opposite. Based on information recorded during the recent recession, it appears the rate of Texas divorce and separations throughout the nation actually dropped when times were toughest. There are several theories addressing this unusual development.

In Texas divorce, the kids may be just fine after all

For Texas parents who are considering divorce, the impact that such a drastic change in family structure will have on their kids is often the top concern. Parents worry that their children will react poorly to the upheaval that accompanies a Texas divorce, and that there will be negative ramifications. However, it is important to realize that children can be negatively affected by living within an unhappy home, and that divorce could actually bring an improvement in their daily lives.

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