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Texas divorce rate linked to the economy?

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Once upon a time, it was widely believed that the rate of marriage separation increased during times of economic hardship, but recent studies are suggesting the opposite. Based on information recorded during the recent recession, it appears the rate of Texas divorce and separations throughout the nation actually dropped when times were toughest. There are several theories addressing this unusual development.

One theory suggests that financial hardship strengthened the bonds of marriage by uniting a couple against a common challenge. Those who support this theory called it the "silver lining" of the recession, but its detractors pointed out that it is also possible that couples stayed together simply to save on the cost of a divorce. Looking back at history, however, observers agree that economic recessions definitely change the timing of the decision to divorce.

One sociologist pointed out the "faint echo" of the Depression era in recent divorce rates. During the Great Depression, divorce rates dropped by roughly 25 percent, only rising again through the late 1930s. It has been suggested that now, as then, an economic depression merely delays the onset of divorce rather than preventing it.

Texas divorce can be influenced by a variety of factors. Ultimately, however, the choice of how and when to engage in the divorce process is up to the parties in question. It may benefit both individuals to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities associated with divorce ahead of approaching the negotiating table. Being prepared for the requirements of the process may help lead to a relatively quick and fair settlement.

Source: hub.jhu.edu, Recent U.S. divorce rate trend has 'faint echo' of Depression-era pattern, Brandon Ambrosino, Jan. 29, 2014

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